Finbarr Sheehy has over 25 Years Experience in Designing, Delivering and Implementing Business Improvements across multiple Industries.

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Business Strategy

Every business needs a vision to aim for and a strategy to get you there. These need to be communicated to all in the organisation and measured to track progress.

Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking is about offering Value that your Customers are willing to pay for. It is then about eliminating waste in your processes. It has an application in any industry. 

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a methodology to reduce variability in any process. It is also a methodology to identify Root Causes of problem that can occur. It has an application in any industry. 

Root Cause Analysis

This is a process to understand the initiating reasons why a problem has occurred and to identify solutions to ensure that problem will not reappear. 


Corrective Action and Preventative Action is a process mostly related to regulated industries to identify problems and establish their root causes as well as identifying and implementing  solutions.

Business Mentoring

Business coaching is about peak performance in the workplace, getting your company operating at its optimal level by investing in the key area that really can make the difference.